Big fish

Big fish can be caught on the open sea all year round. Depending on the season, we also set up for hunting, for example, with the drift or spinning technique. An incredible and unique feeling when a big fish bites on the bait. A feeling that every angler must have experienced at least once.

Price: 400,00 EUR












We invite you to a day of fishing in
a beautiful place, the Slovenian and
Croatian sea, where you can fish for
one or more days.


Elvis Trajković s.p.
Dragonja 31B, Dragonja,
6310 Izola - Isola
Slovenia EU

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Mobile: +386 41 665 840

Our fishing adventures

We offer you three types of day trips in the Slovenian and Croatian seas:

Day trip - Half day
Day Trip - Big Fish
Day trip - A day with the kids