The captain

My name is Elvis Trajković and I come from the municipality of Piran. I have been fishing since I was little. I started hunting as a hunter with a speargun. Over the years I have become obsessed with fishing from a boat with a fishing rod.
My favorite fishing techniques are spin fishing for tuna and sea bass. The slow-pitch technique, which has been the most popular in recent years, gives me the best results, sometimes even surprising catches. Using the slow-pitch technique and tataki on calamari is one of the techniques that will impress even your youngest.

I invite you to join me on an adventure of one or more days, where new interesting surprises are always waiting for us.











We invite you to a day of fishing in
a beautiful place, the Slovenian and
Croatian sea, where you can fish for
one or more days.


Elvis Trajković s.p.
Dragonja 31B, Dragonja,
6310 Izola - Isola
Slovenia EU

TAX number: 12992755

Mobile: +386 41 665 840

Our fishing adventures

We offer you three types of day trips in the Slovenian and Croatian seas:

Day trip - Half day
Day Trip - Big Fish
Day trip - A day with the kids